Language Education Center
Nagoya University
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8601,  JAPAN
Phone:+81-52-789-2198 (Language Education Center)
FAX: +81-52-789-2199 (Language Education Center)


From Nagoya Railway Station : 20 min. by subway Higashiyama Line to Motoyama Station, then transfer to Meijo Line to Nagoya Daigaku Station.

Subway Map]

Higashiyama Campus Building Layout

1 Administration Bureau 1st Building 2 Administration Bureau
2nd Building
3 Administration Bureau 3rd Building 4 Administration Bureau 4th Building
5 Nagoya University Archives
The Office of Gender Equality
6 Toyoda Auditorium 7 University Library 8 Staffs Hall
9 Nagoya University Symposion 10 Green Salon
11 Information Plaza 12 School of Letters
13 School of Education 14 School of Law 15 School of Economics 16 School of Science
Building A
17 School of Science
Building A2
18 School of Science
Building B
19 School of Science
Building C
20 School of Science
Building D

21 School of Science
Building E
22 School of Science
Building F
School of ScienceCenter for Gene Research
23 School of Science
Building G
24 School of Science 1st Building
25 School of Science 26 School of Science 27 School of Science 28 Scieince Hall
29 School of Engineering 30 Graduate School of Engineerlng 1st Building 31 School of Engineerlng 2nd BUilding 32 School of Engineering
3rd Building
33 School of Engineering,
4th Building
34 School of Engineering,
5th Building
35 School of Engineering 6th Building 36 School of Engineerlng
Center for Information Media Studies
37 School of Engineering,
8th Building
38 School of Engineering
9th Building
39 School of Engineering 40 School of Engineering
41 School of Engineering 42 School of Agricultural Science 43 School of Informatics and Sciences
Main Building for Inter-Departmental Education
44 Graduate School of Information Science
45 Inter-Department Education Building A 46 Research Center for Health, Phisical Fitness and Sports 47 Graduate School of International Development 48 Inter-Department Education Building A
49 Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Disaster Management Office
50 Research Institute of Environmental Medicine 51 Cosmic Ray Observatory 52 Center for Cooperative Research in Advanced Science & Technology
53 54 Venture Business Laboratory 55 56 Hydrospheric Atmospheric Research Center
57 Information Technology Center 58 Radioisotope Research Center 59 Langauge Education Center 60 Center for Chronological Research
The Nagoya University Museum
61 Seminar House 62 Bioscience and Biotechnology Center 63 64 Inter-Departmental Educationand Research Facilities
EcoTopia Science Institute
International Cooperation Center for Agricultural Education (ICCAE)
Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory
65 Integrated Research Laboratory Building 66 Institute for Advanced Research Hall 66 Integrated Research Building
Center for the Studies of Higher Education
69 70 Health Administration Office 71 72
73 Gymnasium and Swimming Pool 74 75 North Coop 76 South Coop
77 78 79 Cafeteria-Amenity House 80 FOREST
81 Intemational Residencee 82 Reseaer's Village 83 Gymnastic Lodging House 84

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