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Business Japanese Course

1. Outlines of the course

 This course is aimed for students who want to find work at a Japanese company. It also caters for students who want to deepen their understanding of Japanese business communication. The participants in this course will acquire Japanese business manners and learn expressions used in Japanese business world. Ways of doing business in Japan, business ethics as well as codified professional behavior will be also covered by the course.

2. Learning Target of the course

 By participating in this course you will

(1) learn basic business conversation

(2) learn various expressions used in business meetings, business negotiations, business emails, basic business letters and telephone conversations..

(3) expand your knowledge of Japanese business manners.

3. Qualification and class period

 All the lectures are conducted in Japanese therefore the course is open to students with either intermediate or advanced level of Japanese and who have passed 2-kyu of Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). The Spring semester begins in April and ends in July, and the Fall semester begins in October and ends in January.

4. Course content

 The class is for students who have either intermediate or advanced level of Japanese (Schedule for Business Course1/ Schedule for Business Course2 / Schedule for Business Course3 / Schedule for Business Course4)

 The content is as follows:

 (1) Business manners

 (2) Conversation manners

 (3) Telephone manners

 (4) Job hunting guidance for those seeking work in Japanese companies.

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