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University-Wide Japanese Program

1. Objectives

Japanese Courses are for international students, scholars and faculty members. The courses aim at developing Japanese proficiency needed in daily and academic life in Japan.

2. Eligibility

  Courses are open to international students, scholars and faculty members at Nagoya, University who want to learn Japanese. Prospective students must register during the period shown below, and take the placement exam.

3. Semesters

  The Spring semester begins in April and ends in July, and the Fall semester begins in October and ends in January. Courses are offered at various levels of Japanese.
  The schedule is here.

4. Courses, levels, sections, objectives.

Details here.

5. Sections

We may change the numbers of sections offered at each level, depending on the result of the Placement Exam.

6. Enrollment

The maximum enrollment in each class is 25.

7. Schedule

Elmentary level~Intermediate Level schedule is here.

Advanced level schedule is here. The timetable and classrooms will be announced in the lobby of the ILC and on the ILC webpage.

8. Instructors

Full-time and part-time instructors of the ILC.

9. Registration

Registration is here.

10.Placement Exam

Students who need to take the Placement Exam are:

  • Those who enroll in the Campus-Wide Japanese Courses, except for the Introductory Japanese I, for the first time
  • Those who have not passed but want to enroll in an upper-level course.

Students who do not need to take the Placement Exam are:

  • Those who are enrolling in Introductory Japanese I
  • Those who have passed a course and want to enroll in the next level course.
  • Those who want to repeat the course they have taken in the previous semester.


  • Those who have not completed the registration may not enroll in the courses.
  • Students need to bring in their student or staff IDs to the first meeting of the class.
  • Textbooks are available at the South Coop.

12.Chief Coordinator

Yuji Tawarayama

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