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General Introduction

The Education Center for International Students offers the following courses in Japanese language.

1. University–Wide Japanese Language Programs

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University-Wide Japanese Language Programs are open for all international students, including non-degree students, researchers and faculty members of Nagoya University who want to learn Japanese.

(1) Japanese Language Courses

These courses are for international students, researchers and faculty members, including exchange students. The Standard Courses meet for three 90-minute sessions every week, and are offered at seven different levels, and the Semesters for these courses are 14 weeks long. Prospective students must register during the registration period, and some need to take the placement exam.

(2) Online Japanese Courses

The course is for those who cannot attend classroom sessions due to time constraints. The materials are to be distributed on the net. Only those who have access to the campus network, and who can use Japanese on their terminals can enroll. Registered learners will be issued passwords for access. No placement exam is required. Details can be found on the ECIS website.

(3) Kanji

Kanji classes are for those learners who are not unsure how to go about overcoming the kanji roadblock by themselves.

(4) Introductory Lectures in Japanese Studies

Introductory Lectures are beginning level content courses. Issues in Japanese culture, international relations and linguistics are discussed in Japanese mostly in the lecture format. The classes aim at developing Japanese proficiency in addition to learning about Japan, its culture and language. These courses are conducted in Japanese. Students need to have the proficiency comparable to Level Two certificate (Nihongo Noryoku Shiken).


2. Special Japanese Programs

The ILC offers four types of Special Japanese Programs. Enrollment in these courses is limited.

(1) Intensive Course in Elementary Japanese

Intensive Program in Elementary Japanese is for state-funded international students (embassy-sponsored and university-sponsored). Students with no prior knowledge of Japanese will learn the basic Japanese they need for daily life, including the written language.

(2) Intensive Course in Advanced Japanese

Intensive Program in Advanced Japanese is for state-funded students of Japanese major (embassy-sponsored and university-sponsored). The program starts in October and meets for 30 weeks. Classes on Japanese language, society and culture are taught exclusively in Japanese. The students will write a thesis as a part of the course requirements.

(3) Japanese Language Classes for International Undergraduate Students

These classes are for undergraduate degree students and count toward the foreign language requirement. The classes aim at developing proficiency in Japanese. The focus will be on learning skills needed for communication with Japanese-speaking students and faculty members, and on understanding the Japanese society and culture in depth.

(4) Introductory Program for Korean Engineering Students

This is a six month program on Japanese and engineering for incoming Korean undergraduate students on their Japan/Korea joint scholarship. The program aims at developing advanced proficiency of Japanese that is demanded in starting an undergraduate career at this university, and at acquiring the basic knowledge of the fields of the students’ specializations.

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