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General Introduction

The Language Education Center offers the following courses in Japanese language.

1. University–Wide Japanese Language Programs

University-Wide Japanese Language Programs are open for all international students, including non-degree students, researchers and faculty members of Nagoya University who want to learn Japanese.

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2. Training Course in Japanese Language

Intensive Program in Elementary Japanese is for state-funded international students (embassy-sponsored and university-sponsored). Students with no prior knowledge of Japanese will learn the basic Japanese they need for daily life, including the written language.

3. Training Course in Japanese Language and Japanese Culture

Intensive Program in Advanced Japanese is for state-funded students of Japanese major (embassy-sponsored and university-sponsored). The program starts in October and meets for 30 weeks. Classes on Japanese language, society and culture are taught exclusively in Japanese. The students will write a thesis as a part of the course requirements.

4. Japanese Language Classes for International Undergraduate Students

These classes are for undergraduate degree students and count toward the foreign language requirement. The classes aim at developing proficiency in Japanese. The focus will be on learning skills needed for communication with Japanese-speaking students and faculty members, and on understanding the Japanese society and culture in depth.

5. NUPACE Japanse Program

For international students belonging to the Nagoya University Program for Academic Exchange-NUPACE, the purpose is to improve the Japanese language skills required for research activities at universities as well as in everyday life.

6. Nagoya University Short-Term Japanese Language Program (NUSTEP)

This is a 2 week intensive Japanese program. We provide a wide range of curriculums such as learning Japanese by highly qualified teachers, experiencing Japanese culture, visiting Japanese companies, and interacting with students at Nagoya University to deepen your understanding of Japanese culture and society.

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