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Intensive Program in Elementary Japanese


  This program is designed for complete beginners of the Japanese language.  The main objective is to acquire Japanese language skills necessary for dealing with everyday life situations.  To this end, the emphasis will be placed on improving the abilities in speaking and listening skills.  The second objective is to acquire the basis of reading and writing abilities for the academic purposes.

2. Eligibility

  Foreign students who are eligible for enrollment in this Special Japanese course are as follows:

  1. Students under Japanese government scholarships.
  2. Students who are studying Japanese for the first time.

3. Course Schedule

(1)  First semester
Course period: Beginning of April- Middle of September
Summer vacation: End of July - End of August
Closing ceremony:  Middle of September
(2)  Second semester
Course period: Wednesday, Middle of October- Middle of February
Winter vacation: End of December- Beginning of January
Closing ceremony:  Beginning of March

4. Weekly timetable

Regular classes: Monday - Friday, 8:45 am - 2:30 pm

5. Textbooks

”A Course in Modern Japanese, Vols.1 and 2 (revised version).”
”KANJI Seminar.”

6. Contents

(1)Regular activities

  • Drills: After grammatical items are explained, usage drills based on actual situations are introduced.
  • Dialogue: Practicing dialogue patterns following the practical pronunciation method.
  • Kanji(Chinese characters): 15 characters are introduced each lesson.  Practice dictionary usage through "KANJI Seminar".
  • Aural comprehension
  • Reading comprehension

(2)Other activities

  • Speaking : Speaking practice based a specific topic.
  • Writing exercises: Writing a document using a wordprocessor for the speaking practices.
  • Interview: Practicing with Japanese guests.
  • Home visit program: Visiting host families to speak Japanese in real situations.
  • Oral presentation: Talking about student’s own special area of study.

7. Class size

20 students

8. Note

  1. Please notify the office even when planning to leave Japan temporarily.
  2. All absents should be reported to the teaching staff (789-5021) by 8:40 each morning.

9. Message to academic advisers

   This program is of 30 hours per week and is highly intensive.  Missing classes will most likely cause difficulty in following successive classes.  Please encourage your students to attend all classes throughout the whole period of this program.

10. For further information please contact:

KASHIMA Tanomu, Professor and Special Program for Elementary Japanese
chief coordinator,
Japanese Language and Cultural Education Section
Education Center for Internatinal Students , Nagoya University  
TEL 789-4895    FAX 789-2199

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