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平成292017)年322日(水)〜平成292017)年44日(火) 午前11:00





 4月4日(火) センターラボA教室:

   (1)13:00~14:30  (2)14:45~16:15  (3)16:30~18:00

 4月5日(水) センターラボA教室:

   (1)13:00~14:30  (2)14:45~16:15  (3)16:30~18:00

 4月5日(水) センターラボB教室:

   (1)13:00~14:30  (2)14:45~16:15  (3)16:30~18:00


 イヤホン(または、ヘッドホン)全学IDNagoya university ID&パスワード







  国際言語センター(国際棟) 1階ロビーの掲示板 & webページ

クラス分けテストの結果(Placement test Results; Spring Semester Course 2017

· くわしい案内(日本語版) Course Descriptions (in English)


· シラバス(syllabus- SJコースIJコース入門講義ビジネス日本語コース漢字コースオンライン日本語コース


· 時間割(Timetables-授業時間・教室」「SJコース」「IJコース」「入門講義/ビジネス日本語コース/漢字コース/オンライン日本語コース


· 授業日程表(class schedule


· 登録(Registration)



受講(じゅこう)承諾書(しょうだくしょ)日本語版)、Permission for registering Japanese Language CourseEnglish Version

受講(じゅこう)承諾書(しょうだくしょ)414日までに提出してください(Please submit the Application Form by April.14.


Please submit a Permission for registering Japanese Language Course to Room 406 or 408 at the International Language Center within a fixed period of time.


※注意事項 Notes



When registering for enrollment, please note that in addition to Internet registration, it is necessary to submit the Permission for registering Japanese Language Course. However, those enrolling only in online Japanese courses, students on EJ and AJ courses who belong to International Language Center, and students of NUPACE do not need to submit these documents.



Placement tests are necessary for those enrolling in standard courses(SJ courses) and intensive courses(IJ courses). Those who are enrolling in courses other than these do not need to take a placement test.



Applications will not be accepted after the deadline.



In the event that it is necessary for you to delay coming to Japan, then the teaching staff can carry out the Internet registration on your behalf. In this case, please submit the Permission for registering Japanese Language Course directly when you arrive in Japan. However, please note that we cannot accept these forms in the event that you arrive in Japan after May.



All applicants are required to show some form of identification document (ex. student ID card) to their teachers at the first lessons.


6)入門講義(JC200,GL200,TJ200,NL200)、ビジネス日本語コース、漢字コースはすべて日本語で行います。日本語能力試験2級合格以上(N2または N3)と同程度の日本語能力が必要です。
The introductory classes (JC200, GL200, TJ200,NL200), Business Japanese course, Kanji course are taught entirely in Japanese and participants are required to have attained at least level two (N2 or N3) of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, or equivalent.



Students are required to check the class list and purchase textbooks from the Nanbu Co-op before classes commence.


※問い合わせ先:学生交流課 内線5951またはuwjp-reg@iee.nagoya-u.ac.jp

Contact: Call the International Office Student Exchange Division 5951, or write to (uwjp-reg@iee.nagoya-u.ac.jp).